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Will wash for sex
Fuck work go fishing
Your girl went to Las Vegas....  
Former child TV star 
My money's on Jesus
Life could be worse city nuke
If you don't talk to me about God...
Talk to me about God
American Idle oblivion
Fuck Haste
If your mom wasn't ugly
Save a Tree
Flag waving is patriotic-
flag waving is patriotic
Rheely High Grizzly bears
Rheely high grizzly bears
69 brand hot sauce Buddy W is it 4:20 yet?
Let's go fuck some other place up!
Former athlete
Fuck the speed limit classic car
Buddy W what makes you think I'm high?
69 is the magic number
Aqua get it while you can
Aqua get it while you can
Do the math, with prostitution your price...
Fuck abstinence
Go ahead and fuck it up, I'll fix it!
POW -prisoner of wife
Fuck that tail